A190C SA


As yet another model in our 39” series, the A190C-SA combines high-quality tonewood and the craftsmanship of our team, bringing once again an instrument levels above the competition.
The A190C-SA rocks a cutaway design and a Sapele top. This African wood is from the Mahogany family but offers slightly different tonal specifications. It shares the warm and rich tone but provides a bit more figure and definition.
What’s great about the A190C-SA is the sheer versatility it boasts. With the tonal specifications it possesses, it can be used for just about any genre of music you can think of.
As our team pays extra attention to each and every detail, this guitar not only sounds amazing but feels premium at the same time.

Body shape Orchestra
Overall length 39"
Top Sapele Top
Back and sides Agathis
Finish Glossy
Fingerboard Composite Rosewood
Trussrod 2 way adjustable
Machine Heads Die Cast
Colour Sapele
Pickguard Fan designer