Grail Guitars are proud to introduce the A190C All Sapele as one of their 39” Spruce Top and affordable models when it comes to acoustic guitars.
The A190CE SAS Acoustic Guitar Cutaway is very inspiring considering its an All Sapele body. Sapele’s tonal output is consistent and balanced across the tonal spectrum, making it compatible with a diverse range of playing styles. It's comparable to mahogany but its higher density tends to produce a slightly brighter sound with more top-end shimmer.

The sound output of the Grail A190CE SAS Acoustic Guitar Cutaway is unique. The guitar produces a smoother, deeper sound; which cannot be found in most guitars. This instrument is made up of a combination of laminated Sapele in order to obtain a sweet and balanced tone when played. The fingerboard and bridge are made of Rosewood making one enjoy comfort while playing on it.Besides the acoustic A190C model, the A190CE SAS has a built-in tuner, EQ, and pickups make sure that there is hardly any difference in tone when used with an amp. Design and looks are as important as the performance.

Body shape Orchestra
Overall length 39"
Top Sapele
Back and sides Sapele
Finish Glossy
Fingerboard Composite Rosewood
Trussrod 2 way adjustable
Machine Heads Die Cast
Colour Natural
EQ Cherub 4 Band Equalizer