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Grail Guitars are proud to introduce the A190CE as one of their best selling and affordable semi acoustic model.
It features a sleek 39” cutaway body, with plenty of room for reaching those last few frets. User comfort and experience is our top priority, and that’s exactly why we’ve chosen this design. Both newbies and professional musicians will find this guitar as very playable and easy to handle.

We know that musicians value a natural sound both when the guitar is played with and without an amp. Besides the acoustic A190C model, the A190CE has a built-in tuner, EQ, and pickups make sure that there is hardly any difference in tone when used with an amp. Design and looks are as important as the performance.

Body shape Orchestra
Overall length 39"
Top Ashwood
Back and sides Agathis
Finish Glossy
Fingerboard Composite Rosewood
Trussrod 2 way adjustable
Machine Heads Die Cast
Colour Natural
Pickguard Fan designer
EQ Cherub 3 Band Equalizer