Aspire Series

The Grail Guitars 41” Series features a perfect blend of premium quality tonewood, hardware, and electronics, making for a set of models which is often regarded as being levels above the competition. All of the models from this series include a carefully crafted 41” Dreadnought cutaway body, with different top, back and side tonewood combinations. Whether it’s laminated Spruce or Sapele with Agathis, each and every model goes through a rigorous examination in order to achieve the highest possible standard, without any compromises whatsoever. Besides the well-known acoustic guitars, the 41” series includes acoustic-electric models as well. Once again has our team of engineers gone on the quest of making just the perfect combination of preamps and pickups to go alongside different tonewood combinations. Rest assured that the acoustic-electric models sound as good as, if not better when plugged in an amp. The mentioned acoustic-electric models come equipped with sleek pickguards, while the finish options for the whole series include satin and glossy. Die-cast machine heads are paired up with pre-installed high- quality strings, for aspot- on tuning at all times and optimal out of the box playing experience.