Harmony Series

Branching from the acoustic guitars, the Ukulele Series is a fine example of the time and passion we invest in reinventing and upgrading classical instrument design. Whether it’s a 21” Soprano, or a 24” Concert uke, flawless build quality and a rich and vibrant sound are guaranteed. All of the models in this series boast a full Laminated Sapele body, which is constructed from hand-picked pieces of tonewood. Each piece is inspected and thoroughly processed to provide the best possible experience. Lightweight and sturdy, our ukuleles feature a beautiful and sleek satin finish, that not only preserves the wood but gives them a premium look and feel. Die-cast tuners offer optimal tune holding and make for a quick and easy string replacement. The Grail Guitars ukulele series offers the authentic Hawaiian musical experience, with sound and build quality levels way above the competition.